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Donor Centered Technology Solutions


Philanthrosphere® is a customizable software platform that allows organizations to gather, organize and present interconnected stories. The platform gives you the tools to turn overlapping lists and an array of visual assets into simple, graceful storylines, tours, and directories. The versatile tools are especially useful for volunteer, donor, sponsor and partner recognition and cataloging large volumes of content. 

The  platform allows administrators to layout stories that are responsive across devices. The content is branded, searchable and organized in client-specific categories. Media may include copy, images and video. Mapping capabilities allow for virtual touring of campuses, exhibits, or collections. Clients may opt for password-protected presentations as well as non-indexed web pages. 

Philanthrosphere® is designed for presentation via a branded website or subdomain or your choosing. Presentations can be displayed on a kiosk or large screen, personal computers and handheld devices. 

Explore the Philanthrosphere® Demo or contact us to learn more.


  • Enlarge the sphere of influence for your storytelling efforts

  • Gather and present information for easy online access

  • Archive your organization’s important stories

  • Categorize and map interconnected information

  • Present stories on large screens, personal computers or handheld devices

  • Make quick and easy updates and additions

  • Manage internal reviews and approvals

  • Monitor use statistics from specific individuals or the audience at large

  • Set and measure progress toward storytelling and engagement goals


  • Import, store and present content from databases and other media resources for online presentation

  • Create presentations that can run independently on one or more devices

  • Develop a virtual prospectus to attract donors, investors or clients

  • Produce virtual tours of campuses, buildings, individual rooms, exhibits or even conceptual ideas

  • Establish an online archive of announcements, news coverage, client and product demonstrations or features and accomplishments

  • Interconnect content with internal and external web links

  • Access expert assistance in the design and customization of the platform

  • Receive secure data storage, training, online support, continuous updates and access to new features and creative applications of the platform with your yearly membership to Philanthrosphere®